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PTR record lookup (Reverse DNS lookup).

Enter IP address or hostname to find the PTR record.
Please note that PTR record is commonly needed only for mailservers.
If you don't have a valid PTR record, you may not be able to send email to some sites.
If you don't know your mailserver ip address or FQDN, use our full DNS report tool first.

Find subdomains

This is a beta version of subdomain lookup tool, sorry for any bugs.
Subdomains lookup will be performed using DNS. If it fails, this tool will try to get information from search engines.
Enter domain name eg without WWW. to find subdomains.
If you are looking for subdomains of, subdomains lookup tool will return, and, also.
This service is for you. Please don't flood it.

Nameservers found:

Warning: can't load Net::Whois::IP module, whois queries disabled.
AXFR record query failed: truncated zone transfer
AXFR record query failed: truncated zone transfer
Error GETing Service Unavailable at C:\Perl\bin\ line 909. VERSION:1.2.3

----- -----

Host's addresses:
__________________ 597 IN A

Name Servers:
______________ 86397 IN A 86397 IN A

Mail (MX) Servers:
___________________ 300 IN A 300 IN A

Trying Zone Transfers and getting Bind Versions:

Trying Zone Transfer for on ...

Trying Zone Transfer for on ...

Scraping subdomains from Google: